Kindergarten class held in nursing home

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Twice a month, a west Omaha senior care center is transformed into a kindergarten classroom with dancing feet, balloons and smiling seniors.

It’s where Owen, age 5, and Roy, age 70-something, first met.

“He’s my buddy,” said Roy Seals, a navy veteran who sits and draws, as the young boy stands next to him and colors with crayons.

Roy’s practiced hands sketch a picture of Owen.

Owen draws a rocket ship.

“I went on a whole lot of ships a lot of places,” said Roy, who went on to talk to the boy for the next 30 minutes about Korea, the Panama Canal and various ways he’d served America during his time in the service. Owen patiently drew and listened, at one point snatching the pencil out of Roy’s hand.

Around the Azria Montclair Health dining room, 15 children are stationed at tables with senior friends they visit twice a month. They’re folks they call grandma and grandpa.


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